Quality of submitted images and files

If you have a photo, image, or logo, that you would like included on a custom item, please read below to learn what quality image needs to be submitted. 

Low quality images and images screenshot with a cell phone.

We are going to look at a high resolution google logo image.  You will see in this image (below) that the edges of the image are crisp.  The original image was a resolution and size that allowed the image to be resized and still maintain crisp edges.

Original high quality image (above)

The image below is a screenshot of the same google logo, but taken on a cell phone 

Lower quality "screenshot" of the high quality image (above)

To some, the images may look very similar.  If the image was to be used on a shirt and had to be enlarged to fill a certain area, you will see below how the two images above will have very different quality levels when enlarged. 

The image below is a section of the high quality image enlarged.  What you will see is part of the "G" in google.  You should notice that event when the image is enlarged, it maintained crisp and clean looking edges. 

Enlarged section of the original high quality image (above)

Now look at the same part of the "G" from the google logo taken from an enlarged version of the image that was a screenshot of the logo taken on a cell phone.  Notice how when enlarged, the image does not look crisp and clean on the edges.  This would not look good on a custom item.

Enlarged section of the original low quality image (above)